Red Devil Pride

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The Reward and Recognition Program Task Force, a subcommittee of the Valuing People Action Project chaired by Donna Cason, has been meeting since April 2007 to develop a program to acknowledge and support employees who go "above and beyond" within the community of Allen Community College

Mission Statement
In an effort to acknowledge the employees who go "above and beyond" to make quality education and support services available in a caring atmosphere, this council of peers is dedicated to facilitating a fair and unbiased recognition program.


Criteria for selection of recipients:
1.) Personal characteristics which are essential in creating a positive work environment
PatientTo show composure
KindTo give others attention, appreciation, encouragement, and common courtesy
PositiveDemonstrate an optimistic attitude
HumbleTo be authentic
SelflessTo meet the legitimate needs of others
RespectfulTo treat others as important people
HonestTo be free of deceptive behavior
CommittedTo go "above and beyond", giving more than asked
ForgivingTo give up resentment when wronged
2.) Task-oriented criteria that aid in creating an institution of continuous improvement.
  • Attendance
  • Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Public Service
  • Productivity
  • Outstanding achievements
  • Teamwork
  • Project completion
  • Suggesting a new or modified business practice
  • Exemplary effort
  • Employee appreciation

Please fill out the form and hit submit, or place it in a sealed envelope and deliver to Doug Joseph.

This form must be filled out completely.


Your Name (Nominator):

Date of Event: Name of Nominee:

Explain why this person deserves recognition. Remember your explanation will help determine the level of award this person will receive so be as detailed as possible.

If others were affected by the actions of the nominated person, please have them sign their names below if they would like to.